Amethyst Desk Specimen



Beautiful amethyst crystals that sparkle with grape-like goodness! Photos are taken from multiple angles so you can see how many different ways you can display this gorgeous specimen. Amethyst is quartz which gets its color from iron and aluminum, paired with irradiation. Amethyst has been prized since 25,000 BCE by the neolithic people and continues through today. This stone has been a prized sign of royalty and used in crowns, rings of bishops, and scepters.

The word amethyst comes from a Greek word that means “not drunken” from the story of the god Bacchus. He was angry that he was insulted so he ordered the first person he saw would be eaten by his tigers, which as Amethyst on her way to the goddess Diana’s shrine. When the tigers attacked, Diana transformed Amethyst into a clear crystal (clear quartz?!). Bacchus poured wine over the clear crystal as an offering which gave the amethyst crystal its beautiful purple color!