1.03ct Lindi Garnet Gemstone

SKU: G001


"Juicy" is the best way to describe the color on this amazing garnet from the Lindi Province of Southeastern Tanzania. The color is a perfect magenta, and the 5x7mm size is the perfect size to create either a pendant or ring! 

  • Weight: 1.03ct
  • Dimensions: 5mm x 7mm  
  • Treatment: None 
  • Source: Lindi Povince, Tanzania
  • MetaphysicalEarth element. Root (1st), heart (4th), and crown (7th) chakras. Physical, emotional, and spiritual support, listening to your inner guides and your heart’s yearnings, clearly identify your spirit path, emotional healing of guilt and shame, healing of the emotional body, lightening of mood and quiet happiness, opens the heart to receive love and abundance.  

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