1.04ct Rare Kornerupine



While most kornerupine material is pretty ugly in dark muddy browns, yellows, and olive colors, this little stone shines in this very rare light and crisp mint color! You'll notice that this stone does not have a lot of inclusion, which is very rare! 

  • Weight: 1.04ct
  • Dimension: 7.44 x 5.07 x 4.23mm
  • Treatment: None
  • Source: Tanzania
  • Metaphysical: Crown and Heart Chakra, Kornerupine is used to stabilize emotions during difficult times. It helps us break down our self-doubt and things that oppress us. It helps lift our spirits and helps us determine where our problems lie so we can take action. Kornerupine helps enlighten and focus our minds and even helps prevent mental breakdowns. This is a great stone for those of us who are trying to overcome obstacles to bring out the best of who we are while giving us a calm soothing respite. 

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