10.23ct Strawberry Quartz



Strawberry quartz is a fantastic collector's stone with dumortierite and iron oxide inclusions. It is a stone of joy and allows us to see the beauty and joy in our lives thus increasing optimism and positive thinking. It gives supportive and uplifting feelings and can help you recognize the simple pleasures in life that bring you joy. Strawberry quartz is also a stone to celebrate and honor our accomplishments, savoring what we have achieved. Strawberry quartz encourages the gathering of friends and family who bring you joy, love, and companionship. It also encourages workaholics to take a step back and enjoy some time of love and laughter. Strawberry quartz is also known to help lift depression and reduce stress and anxiety. 

Weight: 10.23cts

Dimensions: 15.9 x 12.9 x 8.4mm

Full disclosure, the green color in this stone is a reflection from the mirror the stone is sitting on and the body of the stone is closer to clear. 

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