Apatite Bracelet in Sterling Silver



Apatite's color is glorious! This bracelet 7.25" long with 17.25ct of beautiful and eye-clean apatite stones. The apatites are 7x5mm, so they have a great presence on your wrist. The stones are set in rhodium-plated sterling silver with a tab-clasp and double security tags. 

Metaphysically, apatite packs a huge punch! If you’re trying to transform yourself, apatite is it and helps with manifestation and motivation towards your goals. It also helps with communication, whether you need some boost in public speaking, or having balance and clear communication within all of your relationships.

Apatite is a little fragile so we do not suggest that you wear this piece every day or whenever you are doing anything where you could knock or strike the bracelet. Honestly, you should take off all your jewelry before doing anything strenuous, but just take extra care with apatite.