Hand-Carved Guatemalan Jadeite Pendant in 14kt Yellow Gold

SKU: JD001


Very durable and very beautiful, just like you! The color of this hand-carved Guatemalan jadeite pendant is reminiscent of the deep forest. Jadeite’s toughness is attributed to their interlocked and strongly bonded crystal structure. We spoke to the lapidary artist who carved these stones and said that he accidentally flung a piece of this same material across his workshop with gusto and it was totally unharmed! The name Jade comes from the Spanish term pierdra de jade meaning “stone of the loin.” Oh-la-la! Central Americans held this stone as being able to strengthen the body during life and protect the soul after death. If you want to revel in the earth’s energy, it is suggested that you wear jadeite while hiking, gardening, and relaxing outdoors. 

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