Mother of Pearl Pendant with Gray Hammer Shell and Purple Mohave Turquoise



A beautiful Mother of Pearl Pendant with Gray Hammer Shell and Purple Mohave Kingman Turquoise is perfectly paired with a dark brown braided leather cord with a push button clasp. The Purple Mohave Turquoise is a colorful twist on the turquoise most of us are used to with crimsons, blues, pinks, purples and violets with striking golden metallic veins of bronze. This turquoise is only available from Kingman in the Kingman Mining District of Arizona’s Mohave County in the United States with every piece entirely unique.

This intricate one-of-a-kind pendant was created by Ed Lohman of Absolute Jewelry. In fact, every single piece that Ed creates is one of a kind. He focuses on hand selecting semi-precious stones from around the world with design inspiration from the American Southwest including the Mesa Verde Cliff Dwellers in Colorado and the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta in New Mexico. All of Ed’s pieces are made in Cebu, an island located in the middle of the Philippines where he provides his highly skilled team of 60 jewelers and lapidaries with social security, paid vacation and maternity leave. Each piece takes between one or two days to create due to the intricate inlay work. You’ll notice that Ed continues the inlay work on the bail of this pendant, rather than use a plain bail because he wanted to create a look that is difficult to achieve without using filler material. Ed trained in Albuquerque, New Mexico, and Durango, Colorado in the late 60s, learning on the job with different artists and learning different techniques.