"The Beget" Handmade Rutilated Quartz Ring in Sterling Silver

SKU: 31000742

Rutile needles are a fine titanium oxide mineral that can grow in a bunch of different minerals but rutilated quartz is the most common. Rutilated quartz can be programmed, accelerate what you want, and gives us a quick manifestation of our desires, but one special meaning is strength through difficulty. This is a nice and clean everyday rutilated quartz ring. It is a size 8.5 but can be easily sized up or down. If you’re trying to manifest something and you want to keep your rutile needles front-of-mind so you can keep manifesting, this is your ring! There are also matching earrings available here: "The Beget" Handmade Rutilated Quartz Earrings in Sterling Silver – The Rutile Ltd