“The Knowing” - Raw Kunzite with White Topaz, Blue Topaz, and Amethyst on 18" Woven Black Leather


This rough kunzite is perfectly paired with white topaz, blue topaz, and amethyst for a soft pastel look with just a little “edge” from the raw kunzite crystal! The delicate color of kunzite comes from trace amounts of manganese and San Diego County, California is an important source of kunzite! Kunzite is the most well-known variety of spodumene and is named after George Fredrick Kunz who identified the stone as spodumene as it was an unrecognized color for the mineral. A word of caution, please be sure to store your kunzite out of direct sunlight as the UV rays can cause the beautiful color to lighten over time. Kunzite expresses divine love, aids in emotional healing, and helps activate our heart’s “knowing” or wisdom.