"The Pura" Handmade Sterling Silver Larimar Earrings

SKU: 22012637

These earrings are so clean and streamlined, giving you a little bit of stone, a little bit of sterling silver, all set in a very modern design. These are perfect everyday earrings. Larimar is only found in a remote mountain range on the island of Hispaniola, that’s the island of Haiti and the Dominican Republic. Larimar mining is considered Artisan mining since it’s only mined on a small scale usually by hand or with very minimal machine intervention because it can damage the stone. Since these operations are small, the money made by the local miners stays within the community. The total deposit of larimar is thought to cover less than a square mile! Larimar was first mentioned in the 1950s when a small fishing village noticed blue stones washing up on the beach but it wasn’t until the 70s that anyone actually cared about the cool stone. Peace Corps Volunteers sent samples of the Larimar to several geologists and the Smithsonian in 1974 which revealed that it was an unknown mineral in the pectolite family.