White Buffalo Turquoise Sterling Silver Earrings by Ed Lohman


Discovered in Tonopah, Nevada, White Buffalo was found in the mineral veins of the Dry Creek turquoise mine. The name “White Buffalo” comes from the Native American belief that white buffalos are pure and rare, like these white stones. Metaphysically, white buffalo is associated with happiness and good luck, which makes sense as White Buffalo is becoming rarer and rarer as the only mine is being depleted. Is White Buffalo actually turquoise? Not necessarily because it lacks the copper trace mineral that gives turquoise its signature color but White Buffalo Turquoise has been called such for decades so it’s a common name for this stone. 

Every single piece that Ed Lohman creates is one of a kind. He focuses on hand-selecting semi-precious stones from around the world with design inspiration from the American Southwest. All of Ed’s pieces are made in Cebu, an island located in the middle of the Philippines, where he provides his highly skilled team of 60 jewelers and lapidaries with retirement, paid vacation, and maternity leave. Each piece takes between one or two days to create due to the intricate inlay work.