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Fine jewelry appraisals for insurance, dissolution of marriage, estate settlement and probate, as well as gemstone identification

Over 25 Years Experience

As a Graduate Gemologist, Rebecca McIntosh has undergone years of rigorous training and education to become an expert in the field. She has a deep understanding of gemstones, diamonds, and precious metals, allowing her to provide accurate and detailed appraisals for your valuable jewelry pieces.

One of the unique aspects of Rebecca McIntosh's services is her ability to provide appraisals while you wait. This means that you can have your jewelry appraised on the spot, saving you time and ensuring a quick turnaround. Whether you need an appraisal for insurance purposes, estate planning, or simply to know the value of your jewelry, Rebecca McIntosh can provide you with a comprehensive and reliable appraisal.

All appraisal observations are completed while you wait. You will receive your official appraisal report within 2 weeks via email through our Instappraise Portal.

Occasionally, a piece may need to be kept by Rebecca for additional testing either in-house or sent to a reputable gemology laboratory. This is something that will be discussed during your appraisal appointment.

In addition to her appraisal services, Rebecca McIntosh also offers gemology laboratory services. This includes gemstone identification, grading, and identification reports. Whether you have a loose gemstone that needs to be identified or want to have your gemstone certified, Rebecca McIntosh can provide you with accurate and trustworthy results using the latest gemology tools, techniques, and technology.

What to bring for your appraisal

Please bring any documented history of the pieces for the appraisal, including receipts that detail vendors and other pertinent information. It's crucial to bring along laboratory reports, previous appraisals, and any other paperwork that could shed light on factors affecting the jewelry's value, like its display history or craftsmanship by a master artisan. While some details might be known to the appraiser, others may not, making every piece of documentation essential in accurately assessing your jewelry's worth.

Fine jewelry linked to historical events typically hold higher value, especially if a family member played a role in the event. For instance, a photograph connecting that individual to the item being appraised help to establish the piece's provenance. We will scan any photo evidence of the piece's provenance to include in the appraisal.

Efficiency & Technology with Instappraise

Your Appraisal Database

All appraisals are sent to you via email and also hosted indefinitely on our database.

  • Access your appraisals from your computer or phone
  • Track the value of your jewelry collection
  • Update reminders
  • Ability to print or forward your appraisals instantly to your insurance agent
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Rebecca looks forward to helping you with your appraisal needs

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