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Arkansas Quartz from Mt. Ida

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We actually got these crystals out of the ground ourselves, cooked them down, and now they’re here for you!
Quartz is a silicon dioxide crystal and is among the most abundant minerals on Earth, and one of the most powerful. 
Quartz is found everywhere on on this planet, but we went to a quartz belt that runs from Oklahoma through Arkansas to pick these up, because they’re absolutely gorgeous material and very beneficial to have in your repertoire.
They came out of the ground with red iron oxide staining and we cooked them down with oxalic acid in a stone warmer for a few weeks to get them super bright.
Quartz from Arkansas, like these, are the most neutral and readily available quartz for programming, it’s great for vision work and aligning the body for healing and prayer.
Mt. Ida produces the crystal clear variety as well as white quartz, which holds its own healing energy.
Quartz is a huge topic, from the locations and the formations, but here’s some highlights:

  • They have natural facets … like these… actually coming out of the ground this beautiful!
  • They exhibit piezoelectricity, meaning that quartz can transform mechanical energy to electromagnetic energy, like in your quartz watches and radios, basically serving as a natural source of power. 
  • Japanese folklore calls quartz the perfect jewel as it is a symbol of infinite space, purity, perseverance, and patience.
  • Remember crystal balls? Yep, those are quartz, and supposedly possess magical powers according to the crusaders.
  • You can program quartz to do whatever you’d like it to do, amplify your intentions, aid in healing injuries, clearing and cleansing energy fields, and memory enhancement.

There are SO many different formations of quartz out there and we’re not going to go into it here but we have pictures and descriptions of all of the quartz crystals for you to check out!

Metaphysical: Quartz is one of the most powerful multidimensional crystals out there and are a must have in any collection. You can use them to cleanse other crystals, cleanse the aura, and cleanse yourself of negative energies. Clear quartz represents pure power and energy. It can help you in any journey you venture into. It can amplify whatever it is you are trying to bring into your life. It is a healing crystal, often used by lightworkers to clear energy fields and reprogram the physical and etheric body. It is a stone of pure light and will bring heightened awareness and higher vibrational frequencies to your environment and your being. It is an amplifier of energies and aids in manifesting intentions. Clear quartz is ideal for making energy grids as well as cleansing and uplifting other crystals. Its chakra opening, consciousness expanding characteristics make it an ideal stone for use in meditation. Clear quartz brings mental clarity and empowering energy. It can aid in psychic awareness and angelic communications, offering powerful spiritual guidance and assisting one to achieve their highest potential. White quartz is a little more subtle in its energy field and acts as a constant source of internal power. Its not as clear, but doesn't mean it is less powerful; it is constantly flowing with Earth energy. It gives power at our core and helps us manifest in a grounding manner, whereas clear quartz can amplify any intentions, white quartz represents stability through clarity, allowing us to accept our human existence and actually feel empowerment through our human tendencies. White quartz is a good choice for someone that wants to feel supported and honored in their Earthly endeavors, whereas clear quartz can amplify any intention, multidimensionally. 

Main Stone: Quartz

  • Treatment: Bathed in oxalic acid, a common treatment to remove iron oxide staining 
  • Source: These quartz pieces were personally obtained from Mt. Ida, Arkansas by The Rutile Ltd.
  • Metaphysical: All Chakras: Empowerment, Manifestation, Self-Actualization, High-Frequency Healing, Cleansing, Angelic Communications, Spiritual Guidance, Stability, Clarity, Memory Enhancement, Intention Amplification, Chakra Alignment

Cleaning: Quartz can be cleaned in a variety of ways. It is hard and durable and can handle heat, sunlight, abrasion, and tumbling. Running water or immersion in water can clear your quartz. It can even be placed in water with salt or under the Full Moonlight. Quartz can be placed in the dirt, smudged, or cleansed acoustically. It is very important to frequently cleanse your quartz crystals as they are amplifiers of energy and you do not want to amplify the wrong energy. Meditation can also cleanse your quartz crystals, literally reprogramming the quartz through intention.  

Arkansas Quartz from Mt. Ida - The Rutile Ltd
Arkansas Quartz from Mt. Ida Sale price$35.00

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