Shungite Sphere



Shungite is a super cool black mineral that is known to have healing vibrations. Many people keep tumbled shungite in their water bottle to infuse the water with fullerene antioxidants that are naturally occurring in the stone. Shungite also purifies the water and infuses it with a healing vibration. Shungite is said to be over 2 billion years old and formed from single celled organisms in the ocean. The only place that shungite is mined is in the Karelia region of Russia. Shungite is an amazing healing stone that protects us from the earth’s natural radiation but also EMF (electromagnetic frequencies) from our phones and computers. Shungite spheres like this help emanate EMF protection around an entire room but also the energy is fun and playful, while giving us some stability and harmony.

Metaphysical: Shungite stimulates the root chakra providing us with security, protection, grounding, and inner peace.

Main Stone: Shungite

  • Weight: 8.8oz / 249.47g
  • Dimensions: 1.75" Radius
  • Treatment: None
  • Source: Karelia Region, Russia
  • Metaphysical: Root (1st) Chakra: Security, Protection, Grounding, Harmony

Cleaning: Immersing shungite in water will not only cleanse your stone but also your water! Shungite is self-cleansing.