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Stone of Transmutation, Self-Awakening, Clear Communication, Compassion, Alignment, Centering, Open Consciousness, Cellular and Karmic Healing, Intuition, Wisdom, Honesty, & Guidance

Tanzanite is the rare blue variety of the mineral Zoisite found only in Tanzania, East Africa. First introduced by Tiffany and Co. Jewelers in 1967, this popular gem is one of the most sought-after blue gemstones. It has earned the title “Gemstone of the 20th Century” by experts. Scientifically referred to as Blue Zoisite, Tiffany and Co. promoted this gem under the name Tanzanite, signifying its exclusivity. Tanzanite is rare and the only known source of commercial deposits is found in the Meralani Hills of Northern Tanzania. Mining for Tanzanite is a relatively new ordeal, however, the age of the mines that produce it may be short-lived, thus contributing to its global demand. It is one of the only up-and-coming gems whose origin comes from such a known limited supply. Tanzanite forms are prismatic, usually striated crystals in an orthorhombic crystal habit. In raw form, Tanzanite specimens have been found in a color range of golden to brownish yellow (Yellow Tanzanite) to violet-blue. Heating, both natural and synthetic, will turn the yellow stones into the majestic indigo blue that is most often desired. Its pleochroism allows the master cutter to display its inner beauty with precise cuts that allow different amounts of light to shine through when viewed from different angles contributing to an exhibition of an array of colors. A beautiful, unique gemstone hailing from only one known place in the world, Tanzanite is a must in any collection.


The power of Tanzanite lies in its ability to align the Chakras through its high vibrational energy. Its force carries with it the ability to expand the heart, promote clear communication, activate the third eye and become attuned with the inner self, and to connect the crown with higher realms of spirituality. The coloring that Tanzanite usually occurs is in the ultramarine blue spectrum and with that it carries the element of wind and the aforementioned traits. Tanzanite can also be found golden yellow to brown in raw form. The tendency of Tanzanite to be brown/golden yellow coincides with the Root, Sacral, and Solar Plexus Chakras, and its tendency to radiate indigo violet blue links the higher Chakras. The ability for this crystal to range from brown to blue reveals its inner healing vibrations of total Chakral alignment. This stone does it all. This stone is one of the Synergy Twelve Stones; a grouping of select stones that is essential to evolutionary quickening and raising one’s vibrational level. This stone reawakens inner truths and activates gut intuition. This stone allows for concise communication of your innermost desires. Tanzanite opens the mind to higher thoughts and allows for spiritual connection. Tanzanite is the link that opens and activates all Chakras. This stone makes the heart beat strong with compassion and honesty. Cellular and karmic healing can occur through the use of Tanzanite. A bringer of truths, wisdom, and guidance, Tanzanite aligns you with your highest self and is a very useful healing stone for physical, emotional, and spiritual afflictions. This stone brings negative patterns to the forefront of the mind easing the soul of the burdens of the ego. It can assist in breaking relationship barriers by promoting clear communication and honest self-insight. Tanzanite is special as it can unite the higher mind with the intuitive gut and creative expression of truth. It allows for grounding and promotes feeling secure in one’s own self. An extremely unique stone whose metaphysical value needs to be shared with the world.


  • All Chakras


  • Air / Wind


Larimar, Charoite, Ruby-Zoisite, & Quartz

Science Stuff

• Chemical Formula: Ca2Al3(SiO4)3(OH)
• Color: Golden to Blue to Bluish Violet
• Hardness: 6-6.5
• Crystal Habit: Orthorhombic
• Refractive Index: 1.69-1.7
• Specific Gravity: 3.32-3.34
• Optic Character: Uniaxial (+)
• Transparency: Transparent to Translucent
• Double Refraction: 0.008
• Luster: Vitreous
• Fracture: Uneven
• Cleavage: Perfect, Prismatic (1,1)
• Mineral Class: Zoisite

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