1.48ct Phenacite with Aquamarine Pendant in 14kt White Gold

SKU: PH001


Nope, it’s not a diamond, it’s SO MUCH COOLER. Phenacite is incredibly scarce and most are usually very included so finding a specimen clean enough to facet is a very rare treat! 

This stone is a specialty for those who are gem-nerds and those in the metaphysical field as others may find it a bit boring. It’s just a clear crystal without anything cool in it?!  One of Rebecca’s dear crystal healer friends called it “crystal LSD” because of the intense colors and sensations when used during meditation. Lightworkers like to use phenacite as a tool for light body activation and it’s a pure white light energy. If you place phenacite on your third eye for a moment and remove it, it’s common for even those inexperienced in crystal healing to still be able to feel the phenacite on their third eye for a long time after it is removed. 

Faceted phenacite, like this pendant, increases the mineral’s already intense focus and energy. The phenacite paired with the hand-set aquamarine allows the wearer to feel grounded while still enjoying the benefits of this very “heady” stone. This stone emanates very strong energy, so we do not suggest that you wear it constantly, to sleep, or in times that you need to relax.