6.60ct Golden-Green Zircon pair - Rare Color Master cut



Have you ever seen something that you just fell in love with and then followed for months and months, then finally broke down and bought it? That's exactly what happened with this amazing pair of zircons. We followed these stones for eight months before finally breaking down and buying them!

We don't usually play favorites but they're one of our favorites.

The color is so rare and exquisite for zircon, pair that with this master cut design, the light display from being double refractive with the pleochroism of greens and yellow, you've got to take a moment to breathe!

We're going to eventually put these into some fantastic earrings but wanted to make them available in case someone else falls in love, too. 

  • Weight: 6.60ct total weight
  • Dimensions: 9 x 6.3 x 5.6mm
  • Cut: Master cut rectangular brilliant 
  • Source: Sri Lanka 
  • Treatment: None

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