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800-1100AD Viking Arrowhead Pendant: Wearable History

SKU: AH004
Sale price$185.00

This isn't just jewelry, it's wearable history. Our Viking arrowhead pendant offers you a unique opportunity to connect with the past in style. The arrowhead dates back to 800-1100AD, making it a true Viking relic. Hung on a 20" black leather cord with a sterling silver cap and clasp, this piece is as cool as it is old!

  • Genuine Viking arrowhead, a piece of history from 800-1100AD

  • Sterling silver cap adds a modern and durable touch

  • 20" black leather cord for a rugged, timeless look

Isn't it time you added a piece of history to your jewelry collection? Don't miss out on this unique opportunity to own a piece of Viking history!

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