"The Crisp" - Blue Zircon Bracelet in Sterling Silver

SKU: BZ004


Blue zircon is a favorite over here at The Rutile because it is such a lively stone! Blue zircon is NOT cubic zirconia. Cubic zirconia is a man-made material, crystalline zirconium dioxide, and zircon is earth-made material, zirconium silicate. While their names sound similar, they are both very sparkly, zircon is a rare and beautiful natural gemstone from the earth. 

This bracelet is 8.25" long with 6x4mm blue zircons set in a rhodium-plated sterling silver bracelet. The button clasp is very easy to use and there is a security latch on the side to keep everything secure. 

Blue zircon helps make your dreams a reality and protects you from bad energies. It can help you be mindful in your everyday life and help you overcome work stress. Sounds like we all could use a little blue zircon, right?