"Bumble" Bumblebee Jasper 14kt Yellow Gold Ring with Chrome Diopside and Ruby


$495 $1,430
This happy little ring makes us smile! The large bumblebee jasper sits regally between chrome diopside and rubies in 14kt yellow gold. Bumblee jasper isn't actually jasper, but a conglomerate made of sulfur (yellow), calcium & aragonite (white), orpiment & realgar (orange), and pyrite (black) with all of those colors coming together to resemble a sweet bumblebee! Bumblebee jasper is only found in the Papandayan Volcano, West Java Province of Indonesia and was only discovered in the 1990's so it should be regarded as a rare mineral. Bumblebee jasper is said to keep us just "buzzing" right along our day, ignoring any negative energy that may come our way. It helps us keep an upbeat attitude and encourages us to keep improving ourselves.