"Glacier" Mozambique Aquamarine and Diamond Ring in Platinum


This is a highly sought-after stone as the color is the prized color of the 2020 Tucson Gem and Mineral show! When most people think of aquamarine, they think of a light baby color, but not to an avid gem collector. We want a color with some oomph, and this stone has oomph by the truckloads. When we arrived at the Tucson show, we heard a buzz about this Mozambique Aqua material. It was deep, it was clean, it was big, and NO ONE had ANY! Every carat was sold by the time we heard about it so we made it our mission to find some exceptional gems for you. We received this piece (and a few others, too) from one of our favorite New York Gem dealers, which is a family-run business. We love them and the fabulous material they have.