K2 Azurite, Chrome Diopside, and Diamond Ring in 14kt White Gold

SKU: K2002


An adventure on your finger! K2 is also known as K2 Granite, Azurite, and Raindrop Azurite, and it’s only found in the mountain K-2. K-2 lies on the border of China and Pakistan and it is the second-highest mountain in the world. Mining K2 is very difficult due to the altitude, heavy snow, and limited resources of the area, which causes the stone to be valuable. This ring features 14.5ct of K2 with Chrome Diopside and Diamond Accents. It’s a big, cool statement ring, especially for those who are looking to open their crown chakra! Given where K2 is found far up in the atmosphere, it makes sense that it’s a “heady” stone!