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Peridot Pyroclastic Bomb Specimens

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These are peridot pyroclastic bombs, also called xenolith bombs, with basalt on the exterior and tiny peridot crystals in pockets. We collected these specimens in Peridot Mesa on the San Carlos Apache Reservation in Peridot, Arizona with our friend Stevie Joey. The small holes you see in the basalt were formed when the molten lava flew through the sky in a pyroclastic blast and then cooled abruptly (think the typical very violent volcanic eruption we all studied in elementary school). As that lava went airborne, little pockets of air became trapped in the basalt. Peridot is the gem quality variety of olivine, which only forms in volcanic (igneous) environments. When you see a large peridot crystal, the lava was able to cool very slowly and the crystals have time to grow. When you see small crystals like in these xenolith bombs, the material cooled really quickly which caused these tiny crystals to grow. Peridot is an magnesium iron silicate and iron is actually what gives peridot its deep olive green color.  Peridot’s green hues are special and have been viewed as the symbol of the sun since ancient times.

These specimens are very fragile and there will be shedding of these tiny peridot crystals in your shipping box. There are a ton of those tiny crystals on each piece so the integrity of the specimen isn’t compromised with a little peridot shedding. 

Metaphysical: Peridot activates the solar plexus and heart chakras, promoting a love for self and a love for all, allowing us to feel wholesome and purposeful in our Earthly existence. Peridot’s deep green color vibrates at the same frequency as that of Universal Love. Peridot allows for openness and receptivity to Universal healing frequencies by removing blockages to receiving. Peridot helps with physical alignment, quieting any sort of spiritual fears or self-confidence issues, and realigns us with our self-worth. Peridot is a gemstone of abundance and prosperity and can be used to bring in new wealth and health to the wearer. Peridot attunes one to Nature and anything revolving around the Earth and can be beneficial to people that feel not at home in their body or environment. It can bring joy to this physical existence as well as an increase in well-being. Peridot is psychologically uplifting and physically grounding. Peridot will bring happiness in a realistic, grounded sense and prosperity and abundance in Earthly endeavors.

Main Stone: Peridot

  • Weight: Varies - Every specimen is special and unique
  • Dimensions: Varies Every specimen is special and unique
  • Treatment: None
  • Source: Peridot Mesa, San Carlos Apache Reservation, Peridot, AZ
  • Metaphysical: Solar Plexus (3rd) and Heart (4th) Chakras: Divine Love, Abundance, Prosperity, Strength, Warmth, Positivity, Physical Alignment, Receptivity, Grounding

Cleaning: These are delicate specimens and care should be taken when handling. The best way to clean peridot is with warm soapy water. It is stable in sunlight and moonlight as well so those can be other methods employed to cleanse these crystals. 

Peridot Pyroclastic Bomb Specimens - The Rutile Ltd
Peridot Pyroclastic Bomb Specimens Sale price$25.00

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