Sphene and Lazulite Pendant in 14k Yellow Gold



This sphene's warm and yummy cognac color only comes second to its sparkle! This beautiful stone will warm you up like a warm brandy in front of the fireplace. Sphene is also called titanite and is known for its strong trichroism, where you can see yellow, green, and red sparkles in this unique stone. Sphene is a softer stone so we recommend that you remove this necklace when you're going to be doing anything strenuous like rock-climbing or moving heavy boxes to prevent it from being damaged.

This necklace has a little secret... 7 lovely blue Lazulites on the bottom of the pendant. Adding lazulite to sphene helps stimulate your mental abilities such as when you're working on a hard project, learning a new language, or some action that requires a lot of attention to details