"The Declare" Rutilated Quartz and Spessartite Garnet Ring in 10kt Vintage Inspired Yellow Gold


This is a lovely pear-shaped rutilated quartz set in 10kt yellow vintage inspired gold ring with gorgeous orange spessartite garnets on each side. Rutile needles are a fine titanium oxide mineral and rutilated quartz is quartz with the rutile needles included. Rutilated quartz has a lot of fantastic metaphysical and spiritual meanings, it can be programmed, can accelerate what you want, and gives us a quick manifestation of our desires, but one special meaning that resonated with me is strength through difficulty. The bright and sunny spessartite garnet side stones are also powerful stones of attraction! It spurs our creativity and our sexuality, but the biggest focus on this pairing is that it’ll help us harness our creativity to attract what we want.