"The Viking" - Handcarved Tahitian Pearl Bracelet in Silver

SKU: PB001

This Viking braid bracelet was created using millennial techniques to create a stunning and rugged effect with a double Viking knit. This bracelet features a 13mm hand-carved natural Tahitian pearl and 2 smooth matching accent Tahitian pearls of varying natural colors. The pearls are sourced from Tahiti, the silver bracelet is handmade in the USA. Please note that bracelet is silver, not sterling silver, so it will have a gorgeous aged patina. These beautiful Tahitian pearls are not dyed and their color is completely natural so there will be slight color variations from the bracelet shown. This bracelet is unisex and available in 6.5”, 7”, 7.5”, 8”, and 8.5”. We stock this bracelet in 7.5” and the other sizes are available in approximately 15 days.