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Life-Force Energy, Manifestation, Passion, Power, Security, Sexual Energy, Love, Light, Grounding, Light of the Soul, Courage, Confidence, Protection, Energizing, Seeker Transformer

Ruby is the red variety of the mineral Corundum and one of the Four Precious Gemstones. Sapphire, is the term used for all other Corundum specimens that are not red. Its important place in history and metaphysical traditions has deemed this red variety of Corundum to have its own name, Ruby. Ranging from bright red to a deep-reddish brown, the most sought-after coloring is a deep blood red with a slight bluish hue that experts call Burmese Ruby or Pigeon’s Blood Ruby. Burma has produced the most epic, highly valuable Rubies for generations but the country’s strict trade embargoes and restrictions make these excellent specimens have an incredibly high price tag. Thailand now exports a large amount of Rubies and is the center of the Ruby gemstone trade. Ruby has been found in India embedded in a green Fuchsite mica matrix and is called Ruby Fuschite. Tanzania produces another sought-after minor gemstone called Ruby Zoisite. In 2000, new Ruby deposits were found in Madagascar that have proven to be quite lucrative, making Madagascar one of the current leaders of Ruby gemstone output. Other important localities throughout the globe are Sri Lanka, Afghanistan, Cambodia, India, Vietnam, Mozambique, Australia, Tanzania, Pakistan, and the US (North Carolina). Rubies displaying asterism are known as Star Rubies and it is minute Rutile needle-like inclusions of titanium oxide that create the star effect. The coloring in Rubies comes from the micro inclusions of the metal Chromium to its aluminum oxide Corundum base. These metal impurities are also responsible for the Rubies’ fluorescence under ultraviolet light. Rubies are often not found without imperfections and inclusions unless lab-created, so the imperfections are sought after. Rubies will display different colors when viewed from different angles honoring its pleochroic tendency. Rubies are extremely hard on the Mohs Scale at 9 and the only natural gemstone more durable than a Ruby is a diamond.


Long honored for its innate beauty and powerful energizing vibrations, Rubies have excited humans for decades. Once held with more reverence than a Diamond, Ruby was said to have been traded by the Chinese emperor Kublai Khan in exchange for a whole city. Burmese legend mentions inserting Ruby into the skin of a human rendering its subject completely invulnerable. The power Ruby is said to possess comes from its fiery association with the Sun and our Soul, embodying the same raw power and constant energizing vibration that radiate from their cores. Power, manifestation, courage, light, protection, determination; Ruby’s pure Red Ray glow symbolizes the inextinguishable flame within, at the seat of our Soul. This crystal stimulates our Life Force Energy, or chi, by initiating the Root Chakra into a protected, secured, energized, wholesome vibration. Rubies bring a ray of life and spirit back to the beholder. It brings enthusiastic yet grounded power to the wearer. It increases sensual pleasure through its healing of the Root Chakra. . Beneficial in overcoming sexual traumas and abuse and issues with infertility and impotence. Associated with love, compassion, and commitment, noted as the perfect Wedding stone for centuries. Touted as an aphrodisiac, Ruby reignites love in all forms and is a quintessential stone for promoting the passion and prosperity of the relationship. Ruby’s ignition of the Soul amplifies one’s internal resources and fortitude jumpstarting the journey towards achievement and manifestation. Overcoming exhaustion by amplifying energy is a key feature of this stone. Rubies promote courage, energy, and protection to acknowledge past hurts and to challenge victim mentality. Guards against psychological and physical attack as a Protector talisman. Rubies offer the power of protection to the wearer and bring out a peaceful passion in a guided manner to assist anyone dealing with past traumas and current emotional crutches. Rubies release emotional holds and open the being to the purity of life by stimulating the Chi. It helps in overcoming fears and self-worth issues and is very beneficial for people who feel stuck in a rut. Considered a “blood stone”, Rubies promote good circulation and blood flow reinforcing the Heart. Stimulating the Root Chakra, Ruby strengthens the feeling of security and helps people feel safe in their bodies and environment. With the Root Chakra in balance, one feels the energy to fulfill their life’s purpose yet grounded in their current state of affairs, protected enough to enter the realms of the past and ignited enough to tackle the future. Physical manifestation is the core of Ruby’s power. Resparking courage, confidence, blood flow, and the vitality of life, Ruby helps the wearer find the energy and determination to complete any of life’s goals. Giving a sense of grounded security while reminding the wearer of their internal inextinguishable flame, are the forefronts of Ruby's metaphysical powers. Ruby is so refreshing in its enthusiastic efforts of passion, energy, and determination that many find it too stimulating for use in meditation. Ruby is a Seeker Transformer crystal that offers guided, focused energy for use in making big life changes and advancements. A special stone that is a must-have in any collection.


  • 1st - Root - Muladhara


  • Fire


Blue Sapphire, Proustite, Cuprite, Zincite, Rose Quartz, Rosophia, Rhodonite, Clear Quartz, Amethyst, Black Tourmaline, Red Tourmaline, Diamond, Amber, Carnelian

Science Stuff

• Chemical Formula: Al2O3

• Color: Red

• Hardness: 9

• Crystal Habit: Hexagonal

• Refractive Index: 1.76-1.77

• Specific Gravity: 3.9-4.1

• Optic Character: Uniaxial

• Transparency: Transparent to Opaque

• Double Refraction: .0008

• Luster: Vitreous to Adamantine

• Fracture: Uneven

• Cleavage: None

• Mineral Class: Aluminum Oxide

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