Kyanite and Diamond Halo Ring in 14kt White Gold



This kyanite is an important collector’s mineral due to its beautiful color and incredible clarity. Most kyanite material is very included and tabular. With intense shades of blue, well-formed large, long, and slender bladed crystals, Kyanite is a sought after mineral and this gem-quality material is exotic and rare. 

A crystal of connection, kyanite can aid in any communication adversities. Kyanite is only one of two minerals on the planet that neither accumulates nor retains negative energy. It never needs cleansing and can be used to cleanse other crystals. This mineral will assist in any disagreement or dispute as its color blue resonates with the throat chakra. It promotes good communication between what one feels inwards and how to express themselves properly outwards. It restores the Qi to the physical body and promotes a calming effect like that of the sea; purity, quiet strength, stillness, and the power of regeneration and rebirth.