Namibian Demantoid Garnet

SKU: G026

Demantoid garnets are a rich green variety of andradite garnet that was first discovered in Russia and the name is derived from its diamond-like adamantine luster. In fact, demantoids are the most rare and expensive type of garnet! Color and fire are always in a balance with demantoid, with people choosing either a darker emerald-like color of demantoid with little fire or a lighter color with fantastic fire. This stone is a lighter color with a lovely fire. This stone is almost eye-clean but does not include the demantoid indicative horsetail inclusion. This is a lovely stone that would delight any collector! 
  • Weight: 0.48 carats 
  • Dimensions:  4.49 x 4.49 x 3.05mm
  • Cut: Round
  • Source: Congo
  • Treatment: Namibia 

Demantoids are particularly useful for heart chakra work and helps remove difficulties for couples, especially if they work together. This stone helps each partner know that nothing will come between them. 

Demantoids are generally safe for cleaning in the ultrasonic cleaner but should not be subjected to steam cleaning.