"The Garden" - Zambian Emerald and Diamond Ring in 14kt Yellow Gold

SKU: E006

$800 $2,200

Oh, you are so pretty! This beautiful Zambian emerald just gleens in this halo of sparkling diamonds and a crossing band of diamonds. Characterized by its deep green color and perfect hexagonal crystal habit, Emerald is highly valued around the world. Its mention has been noted passed down through the centuries, with the first Emeralds coming out of Egypt, notably called Cleopatra’s Mine for her love of this gem, and Austria. Emeralds are notorious for their flaws and flawless stones are very uncommon. These inclusions are called “jardin,” or “garden” because the inclusions can resemble moss or plant foliage, and this ring looks like there's moss in the stone. They are commonly treated to improve their apparent clarity and this stone is treated with colorless cedar oil which allows the stone to be re-treated as needed without having to remove damaging synthetic fillers.

Emerald’s deep green hue resonates with the 4th Heart Chakra and can assist in any relationship hurdles, whether it be internal or external, opening the heart and stimulating unconditional love and compassion as well as clearing and strengthening the connection to Divine Love. Emeralds can promote abundance beyond mere wealth.