2.05ct Sphalerite Gemstone



This gorgeous collector's stone, sphalerite, has a sunset orange body with reddish streaks. This stone is so popular with collectors because its dispersion is three times the dispersion of diamond, making it a sparkling sight to behold! Sphalerite comes in many forms and finding clear gem material like this is very rare and desirable.  It has a low hardness and perfect dodecahedral cleavage so we do not suggest this stone to be set in a ring, but in a pendant, brooch, or somewhere that will not receive abrasions.

The name sphalerite is from the Greek word "sphaleros" which means deceiving or treacherous because it can come in so many color and have many different lusters, making it hard to identify. The body color can be yellow, brown, black, red, green, white, colorless, or orange and streaks can be white, yellowish-brown, or red. The luster can be nonmetallic, submetallic, resinous, or adamantine. Sphalerite has also been called "zinc blende," "blackjack," "steel jack," and "rosin jack."